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Knowing the right providers in the web3 space is complex and time-consuming.
Yes, there are many scams...
For your NFT project, we provide tailored advice, and we connect you with the best partners.

Turn that spark of an idea into reality

Don't waste your time.
Bear market → build market.
We have designed a unique catalog of trusted partners who work in design, technical, copywriting, influence marketing, growth, collaborations, social media management, legal, etc.

How it works?

  1. Give us details about your project using our smart brief and 2h meeting

  2. Receive the strategic report + a pre-vetted shortlist of the best matches from our talents

  3. Talk to your top choices in tripartite meetings (you, us and the partner) & choose the best fit

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what does the
strategic report include?

  • value proposition, SWOT analysis & SMART goals

  • industry and market data

  • direction on pricing, supply and utilities

  • economic model, operating model, project management and investment strategy

or email us at

Your NFT project
deserve the
best skills

Legal documents, evaluations and recommendations: the seriousness and expertise of our top-tier partners are always verified.
Track the process in real time and consult partner information & your strategic report in a dedicated dashboard.

a no-brainer fee



  • strategic report

  • partners screening

  • partners contracting

  • monitoring dashboard




  • strategic report

  • partners screening + contracting

  • monitoring dashboard

  • 2h/week advisory for 1 month

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for a customized offer, workshops, events, sponsoring, etc.

The future is now.
Be part of it.

Superfolks is a web3 agency founded by Delphin Druelle.
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You have questions.
We have answers.

Why work with Superfolks?

It's the quick way to hire highly-qualified partners for your NFT project – and with very little effort on your part. Working with Superfolks makes finding the highly skilled talent you need easy, fast, and cost-effective. On average, we get 18% discount on the partners' rates.

Who's your ideal client?

A responsive client whose NFT project is innovative and has a budget a minimum budget of 50k€ can be allocated to it (technical, design, marketing, etc.). We do not accept more than two clients at the same time in order to deliver enough value to our clients.

Are Superfolks’s partners reliable?

Yes, they are reliable. One of the pillars of Superfolks is transparency, that's why you can see the information of all our partners to know their skills, the work they have done, see their portfolios, etc. In addition, before selecting one you will be able to chat with them to get to know them in depth and decide the one for sure. Our goal is for you to find your trusted partner and establish long-term relationships with them.

How is Superfolks different from another consulting agency?

In addition to giving you a report with advice for your project, we have experience in the web3 industry that enables us to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. Within a week, we’ll get back to you with a curated list of pre-vetted partners who tick all the right boxes.

How quickly can we get started with our NFT project?

The end-to-end interaction with us allows you to move through the advisory, proposal, scoping, and kick-off stages in a streamlined fashion. Depending on project size and type, you can expect to get started within a week.

Do you accept to be paid in crypto?

Yes, partially. We accept a maximum of 50% of the costs of my services in ETH and ask for a 30% markup.

Do you accept to be paid only in % of the project's mint?

Normally not, but we are open to discussion depending on the quality of the project and the team.

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